On Tuesday, August 4th, an explosion in Beirut, Lebanon devastated many parts of the city. The blast claimed the lives of 200 people, with many still missing, as well as injuring 6,000 and leaving 300,000 homeless. NEO staff are safe. The NEO offices, some staff homes and vehicles have sustained damage. The day after the explosion, the team started reaching out to those affected across the city by providing cleaning assistance, food, supplies, and counseling. Even before the explosion, Lebanon has been in the midst of a financial and political collapse for most of the last year, all of which has been made worse by the COVID crisis. In the last six months one million of Lebanon’s four million residents who were not poor have newly entered poverty. NEO began providing food and supplies to 350 families throughout Lebanon and the need continues to grow. Each crisis spun off by the explosion will provide a new challenge and will necessitate new thinking and creative solutions. There are financial crises to work through, food crises, energy crises, security crises, healthcare crises … and of course there is still Covid-19 and the country’s financial collapse and political morass. NEO was founded in 2005 and headquartered out of Beirut and now has 110 national staff serving in Lebanon and across 15 other countries. We believe God has called us to facilitate sustainable movements of the gospel in this region of the world. While what has transpired in these initial years has been extraordinary, we are convinced it is only the tip of the iceberg of what could happen. Based on what we have already seen – proven, reputable results over the past decade – the impact on this region could be transformative. Many have been asking how they can help. We have been working to develop a plan based on the needs in front of us and here’s where we invite you to join us:
  • We are currently providing daily meals to 250 people and will continue to do so.
  • We have cleaned and assessed the damage for 25 houses and businesses and by the end of the week the number will increase to 150.
  • We are organizing an outdoor day camp for kids who have been affected by the explosion.
  • We are holding a trauma training for local organizations and churches who are caring for those in their communities.
You can join in this effort by clicking on this link to give: Beirut Disaster Fund Prayer Even as we plan for what we can do in the current circumstances, there are significant barriers that only God will be able to move. Will you join us in entering the fight for the Lebanese people anew? Pray for:
  • The trauma experienced by those from Tuesday’s blast, after a long season worn down by political and economic instability and pandemic. Pray for healing for our people.
  • Pray for our people, many people who will be crying out in the days to come as they deal with despair. Will their despair move them towards violence and conflict, or will their despair turn into a hunger for God and for his righteousness?
  • Pray for the breaking of the hand of evil and for the glory of God to be proclaimed over Lebanon.
Thank you again for your hearts for the Lebanese people, and yearning to see Jesus’ name glorified in our nation. On behalf of everyone at NEO and all the people we work with, I want to say thank you. We are so blessed by your partnership and we bless your churches in return with increased words from the Lord and new avenues to minister to those around you.