Life stories

Story number 1:

“Leila, a lady that I met 2 months ago, because of another lady with us in a DBS group. Leila’s mother died because of alcohol addiction, and her father is living outside the country and in a bad relationship with Leila and her siblings. Leila even lost her fiancé in a car accident. She had many problems facing her. She once joined us in a Bible study group, and Jesus visited her life in a special way. Her life started changing. Now Leila is studying the Bible with us, she met her father when he came to Lebanon, forgave him, and talked with him about Jesus. Because of the change that happened to her life, the lives of her siblings started to change too. So let’s pray for her.”

Story number 2:

“Hani is a university student who is successful in his studies. But I’ll never forget the day we met, he was shaking, weeping and ashamed of what he is going to share with me, especially that we never met before. All that because of his addiction to pornography which has been destroying his life for several years. 

Observing Hani’s life after he started his journey with Christ, gave me a better understanding of the Bible verse, Jesus will set you free. “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (John 8:32)

His life has been transformed completely and now he is actively involved in a discovery Bible study group. The time that satan used to destroy Hani’s life, Hani uses it now to build a better future with Jesus.”


Story number 3: 

“I met Farah 2 years ago, through our Facebook page. Farah is a Syrian lady who came to Lebanon seeking work, but unfortunately her friends lead her into a “mafia” for human trafficking. She could not fit in and accept what was going on. So, the “mafia” decided to get rid of her. They locked her in a room and left her alone. She was in fear, hunger and despair. Farah had heard about Jesus only by name, but at that moment she lifted her heart and prayed: “set me free from this awful reality that I have put myself in.” That night, an angel appeared to her and told her the key of the room was inside. She could get the key and run away. From that moment, she decided to follow Jesus and know Him more. She was searching online and that’s how she found us. She started studying the Bible with us. Now, Farah serves people in her new community, and she also helps in Bible study groups with us.”


Story Number 4

“Rafic, a young man that I met in the beginning of 2020, spoke to me after seeing one of our social media posts. After that, Rafic started studying the Bible with us. Rafic’s father and brother passed away few weeks after he has born. He had a hard past, that included “severe” drug addiction which affected his mental and physical health. When Rafic contacted me, he was planning to kill himself. However, after he became a follower of Jesus, he started seeing the reality he is living in. Rafic is now working to make the best of his new life, living passionately for Christ, in order to have a fruitful and meaningful life.”


Note that: 

  • In respect of privacy, the names have been changed.
  • All the stories are told by NEO Leader’s team members.